Looking For A Unique Party To Have For Your Birthday?

The Euphoria drama series season two finale was an absolute hit last month! With over millions of viewers and gained followers, this new series skyrocketed as top favorites for adult teens. The producers of Euphoria have a great understanding of Gen Z and this generation's norms and influences. Now more than ever, we see Euphoria themed parties where people dress up as some of the actors and it is trending on every social platform. When you think of the theme of Euphoria, what comes to mind? Perhaps sparkles? Glitter? Maybe even trendy styles? Well, we’re here to help you throw the best Euphoria themed party yet! At Original Balloons, we offer a variety of decorative balloons to achieve this theme, check it out!


Sparkling Confetti Balloons


First, your Euphoria themed party must have sparkles, everywhere! One of our favorite set’s is the Sparkling Confetti Balloons, which comes in many colors. To stick to the theme, the multicolored, purple, green and gold confetti balloons are perfect! Remember, Euphoria’s actors and actresses have a very fun style so you can group these balloons together or assort them by color. For example, you can put the multicolored ones together, the purple ones together, and so on.



Star Chrome and Glitter Balloons
Secondly, we all know that the cast of Euphoria are stars. Each individual star shows their own strengths and weaknesses throughout the show along with how they’ve overcome them. The best way to represent this at your Euphoria themed part is the Star Chrome and Glitter Balloons, especially the Black and Gold Star Bouquet. There are a variety of bundles to look at within this item so if you are thinking of mixing and matching, you definitely can! Possibly using the Gold Star Balloons, Silver and Glitter Balloons or even the Gold Confetti Balloons. You decide, it’s your Euphoria party!
Heart Chrome and Glitter Balloons
Similar to the previous arrangement, also using the Heart Chrome and Glitter Balloons is a perfect addition too! There are multiple color options within this item but believe it or not, these heart shaped balloons are great for a photowall! It will showcase the love for this show and between all your friends. More specifically, the bundle with the yellow hearts, black and white balloons along with the gold
 confetti balloon bundle.
Happy Birthday Letter Balloons
Now, let’s get into the specific details… such as lettering and numbers. If it is a birthday Euphoria themed party, the Happy Birthday Letters Balloons are a must have! It is the perfect size with many color options and combinations. To stick with the theme, the perfect selection can be the light colored balloons, the gold or rose gold balloons or even the hot pink with polka dots! Remember, you want to keep the fun looks in every corner! Plus, don’t forget to add your number balloons as there are lots to choose from. The ones you need for your Euphoria themed party are the Birthday Age Balloons, that come with a bundle of gold and black in numbers, stars and regular shaped balloons.
Alright party host, all you need now is a location, a DJ and food! You got this. At Original Balloons, we hope we helped you create a fun looking, long-lasting party impression! Your Euphoria themed party will turn out to be a hit. See any other balloons perfect for this theme on our website? Great, let us know!